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Your Roadmap To Success

Our Programs

Take your product or service to the global stage with our training and consulting services

AdPathfinder Global

Short, clear online trainings that give you strategies to test markets. Perfect for those that are new to global digital ads and want to explore and learn the basics.

Platforms covered
Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn

AdMomentum Global

A unique approach, blending online training and live coaching to deliver rapid results. Our program is designed to supercharge your efforts and take your campaigns to the next level, fast.

Platforms covered
Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & TikTok

17 Group Idea

AdVantage Global

Our premium package includes everything AdMomentum Global offers plus a highly customized marketing plan, comprehensive implementation plan, and expert guidance on outsourcing to top-tier professionals.

Platforms covered
Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & TikTok

Your Roadmap To Success

Industries that thrive using digital advertising


Tap into new markets with untapped demand for your products or services. Selling in multiple countries allows you to reduce your dependence on any one market or region, which can be beneficial in times of economic uncertainty.


Students seek to gain knowledge and skills that will enhance their career prospects and quality of life. This creates a high demand for quality education globally, particularly for higher education.


Demand for consulting is driven by a need for expert advice to improve operations, solve problems, and achieve goals. Sought after services include management, financial, HR, IT, marketing, legal, environmental, healthcare, education, and business consulting.

Science & Technology

There is a high demand for advanced technology and scientific knowledge globally, particularly in emerging markets, as countries seek to modernize their economies and improve their standard of living.


Advances in technology have made it possible to produce goods more efficiently and at a lower cost. This has made manufactured goods more affordable and accessible to people around the world.

Travel & Tourism

Vacation and business travel are not the only reasons people travel. Travel & tourism has grown rapidly to include new categories such as eco-tourism, voluntourism, sports tourism, medical tourism, food and wine tourism, and more.

Less is More

Our Approach

We believe in “need to know when” it comes to digital advertising and that is exactly what we deliver.  You won’t find any fluff or filler content in our program so you can rest assured the time and money you invest in our training is well spent.

You Are What You Read

We Read Responsibly

Misinformation is everywhere, especially in digital advertising but your won’t find any in our programs. All of the data and statistics we share with our students is obtained from reliable sources so you can make decisions based on facts and not fiction.

Stop Guessing and Start Knowing

Data Driven Decisions

The beauty of digital marketing is that there is loads of information at your fingertips. We teach you how to correctly interpret the data so you can make the best decisions for your business.

In Case You Were Wondering

Frequently Asked Questions

We cover Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We will add Google and Amazon in the second half of 2023.

The answer depends on your advertising skill level and staff available to do the work. If you are new to digital advertising, we recommend starting with AdPathFinder Global.

Our basic program can be completed in 2 hours.  AdMomentum and AdVantage can take up to 6 hours. AdVantage includes consulting sessions that run for 3 months.

Your results are directly related to your level of commitment and your willingness to spend on ads. The more committed you are to learning and implementing our strategies, the faster you will see results.

That is certainly a catchy headline but as of Jan 2023, Facebook still has the largest audience worldwide.

The best advice we can give is know you customer persona. Check our blog for tips on understanding your customer.

We are not an agency so we do not offer full service work. We do offer advertising plans and strategy sessions in our AdVantage Global program and we’ll even help you hire an agency.

The answer depends on your market and we encourage you to examine all options.  For example, Facebook is often overlooked by the scientific and technology industries however, the platform has large and active groups on the these topics so it is a good platform to sell scientific or tech products.  We teach you how to dive into each platform to determine if your audience is there.

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